Commercial, Industrial & Residential

Conventional Radio Detection

This system encompasses the detection of services where a radio signal is sent into the service that needs locating. It is used on copper water services, telephone lines, power and Gas.

All of these underground services can be located and an accurate depth given to enhance the safety when excavation is to take place on or near the service.

Seismic Location

This is a more complex location method. In untraceable water services (Plastic) a water hammer is induced into the water service and a listening device is used to determine the exact location of the service.

Depth cannot be given other than a rough estimate. Potholing is then undertaken to determine depth. Commercial locations on fire lines and other larger pipes can be carried out.

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Ground Penetrating Radar

We have a GSSI 3000 system. This unit can effectively “see” pipes under the ground. There are limitations to the deployment of this system.

We access the ground conditions and only deploy this technology if we believe it will work. It is brilliant in sandy soils and sand.

Sonds & Rods

This type of system is where a radio transmitter is attached to the flexible rod and inserted into a vacant conduit or one that may contain an optical fibre (untraceable) and the transmitter is traced to give line and depth.

Other smaller traceable rods can be inserted into smaller pipes to trace line and depth.

Our Equipment

We have a small (1Tonn) Excavator

Our small vacuum truck is available with limited capacity. It can do all the bigger trucks can do with the exception of carrying capacity.

We have 4 sets of electronic equipment. Each vehicle carries sufficient equipment, barriers and signage for general location work we also have a range of jackhammers and drills.

We have a manual road saw which can be used to cut through bitumen and or concrete to a depth of 130mm.


All 4 locating staff are fully certified as Telstra accredited Cable & Fibre Locators, Confined spaces accreditation, Dial before You Dig & White Card